Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Challenge 18

Tiff is away for the day, Meredith is away for the week, not sure what Sue magoo is up to (LOL at rhyme)

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the next challenge is something to do with October.

When i think of October and scrapbooking - i think ORANGE.

Mainly for the halloween type of reasoning (not that i am big on halloween or anything)

so this week scrap a page with ORANGE on it for one point.

scrap a page with ORANGE on it and use a sketch from http://www.pencillines.com/ for two points

scrap a page with ORANGE on it, use a sketch from http://www.pencillines.com/ and use an obscure photos for three points.

see how you go with thatand try and rack up as many points as you can! :)

not sure how long this challenge will go for - a week-ish.

Sorry things on here have been slow. Just busy and trying to promote the retreat as much as we can by keeping those posts on the top (newest)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Update on the Retreat

Just to let everyone know - the retreat is FULLY BOOKED OUT.

We are still taking names though for those on the waiting list. We have already had a drop out so someone who was lucky enough to be on the waiting list got that free spot. As with all things, situations crop up and people are no longer able to attend.

If you would like to attend our retreat but missed out please forward your name and details to Tiff (email address on sidebar) and she will pop you on the waiting list.

Of course there are no guarantees but you will be in the best position to slot into a space should one become available.

The response has been quite mind blowing for all of us organizers.....we thought it would be booked fast but all gone in two days is just - wow!

Because our 50 spots have been all taken, there will be NO DAY TRIPPERS. The girls who have registered are all weekenders and so no spots will be open to day trippers. Tis limit of 50 is due to space constrictions and the number that we think we can handle successfully in our venue.

Also note that IT IS NOT AN EXPO. There is no entry for the man on the street to peruse, shop and scrap for a few hours. If your name is not on our list of attendees (and we know who is just by looking) you will be asked to leave.

Again it has been an amazing response. Thankyou all who have been so supportive. What a wonderful weekend we are going to have!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am still alive ...

Hi all,

Apologies for my lack of posts lately, I have been looking at all the great work!! I was really sick last weekend with the flu (I suppose that was what it was!!) and still haven't really recovered along with the rest of the house being sick before and after!!

I just found something that might interest you. It is along the lines of Tiff's layout that she did for the "work" layout challenge (can't see it any more 'cause it was accepted!!!).

Any way follow this link and have a read ... would love to see what anyone comes up with. If you take photos maybe you could do a page or put them on your blog or send them in!!!


Ali Edwards is one great American scrapper who gives lots of inspiring ideas.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the school holidays!!

first digi.........card

my first digi card with Paige having some input as well.

Kate V has turned 18 and is having a bit of a bash on Saturday night.

Paige stayed with us last night (hi chicky xx) and we have decided on Kate's pressie from both our families so we combined on making Kate a special card.

So with a bit of fiddling, actions, brushes and a lot of giggling we came up with this. Paige finished her bit last night, and I have just finished my bit.

Added a rub on seal on the back and a bit of ribbon and ta da here it is.

hope Kate doesn't lurk here before her party Sat nite


Friday, September 26, 2008

judy's still flat out creating

wow judy. when u scrap, you power scrap. well done chick. happy holidays.

amanda's new bits

LOL this week i have actually done a lot of new things scrapping wise.

I have made an album (finally) of Meredith and my trip to Melbourne and the Scraptacular retreat. It is the first time i have used a digital brush in a mini album (the flourish strip). I simply cut a bit of striped patterned paper and popped it in the centre of the brush. I got the brush free at jessica sprague's blog and basically copied her design so i cannot take much credit at all i am afraid. You can download the brushes from here -
They are just lovely and i only use photoshop so i have no idea if they are compatable with any other programs.
You can see the rest of my mini album here as i have a lot of pages and wont hog all the space on this blog.
Meredith, Sue and I have also been working on a little project which i cannot divulge as it is retreat related, it is new to us all and is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute that we know that you will love them as much as we do. Unfortunately Tiff was too sick to join us so we hope she gets better soon.
all very hush hush LOL
Another new thing is my class layout for Shabby Chic Shack - i have finished it and am waiting on approval from Jo and Brigette before I can show and start getting people interested in an October-ish class.
I better go get ready for work. Apologies for lack of comments on other's work from myself. I will certainly try and get back in here and comment on everyone's new work - it has been fantastic!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lost in space

ta da. Sandra has her very own creative studio (LOL) at last. lots of space, shelves, window and a reverse cycle a/c.

I can see Sandra hitting her stride and power scrapping into the wee hours.

well done chick. cleaned up really well..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

power scrapping

another from Lisa. you sure are on a roll chick.

she says :

OK, what's new - First ever people-free LO, first time using these Alphas (Scrappy Bizz Tag Alphas, ProvoCraft Bradletz, Pressed Petals Scrap Metal Alphas) have had them all in my stash for ages. Sanded the photo but this time I chalked the sanded area - looks quite effective. Also sanded the silver alphas and the silver brads and chalked the paw print twill to give it an aged look.
Still need to do some journalling which will go on a tag under the main photo. Based on a sketch from the Scrapchat Forum.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

what's new with Lisa??

there are lots of new things on this for me.........stamping, LO of my Brother, the hinges and pull tabs

Check out those hinges. From reading Lisa's blog I know she made them from a plastic milk container. How enterprising is that.
totally awesome stuff Lisa. so much detail.
check out Lisa's blog. link is on the right side of screen, just scroll down to you find it in the 'inspiration' list

Denise is here

whoooo hoooo Denise. Well done. Denise is now an official e2c blogger. she has sent me her lo to post all by herself (that means she has mastered how to email me her pics to be posted.) all u have to do know chick is start leaving lots of comments on everyone else's work and keep letting us know you've been by leaving your name when you comment.

this PP is gorgeous. I'm a bit of a sucker for anything ledger atm. and love all the hidden tags on the right page. is that fishing line for string???

well done chook. proud of ya ;)

Sandra's new stuff

Here is my entry for the latest challenge.
I had a bit of a chuckle when I saw 'something new'
This is my first board book.
Also first time in using dimensional magic... and kindy glitz.
quite happy with the result.

oooohhhhhh. nice stuff Sandra. You have come a long way in such short time. I just lurrve dimensional magic and kinderglitz too.
note...permission given from the recipients to show this on the blog!!

Marika's page

I love the tones that Marika has chosen here - that teal/aqua is just so eyecatching and WOW.

The new stamp looks fantastic as well - I love a good flourish! You go girl with your stitched border too......for those that have never machine stitched onto a page - give it a whirl, the effect is well worth it and the thought is scarier than actaully doing it!
What a cutie patootie too! I am thinking she looks a lot more like your side of the family this time Marika!>?
What a great response to the retreat newsletter........i am absolutely certain you will all have a great time and I am just quietly getting excited (already) about it all!


what an amazing, mind blowing response for the e2c Retreat in March 09.

we have ONLY 2 seats left for the Retreat.

So when these 2 spots are filled, that's it.

All spots will be taken and we wont be able to release any for day trippers. So book now for your retreat or you will miss out.

I will be compiling a wait list so if there any seats that have been booked and but not paid for by the 10th of October, these will be re-released. Please scroll down the page to the post 'GO!!!!!' for all the details.

Play - Challenge 17

At last i have scrapped a page!! I have been itching to get to these photos of Eli playing. For this challenge i have used my NEW Kaiser alpha stamps, at last they came out of their package, and so easy to use!!!

And while i was on a roll, i put together another page, that i have been wanting to get to, that i sort of scrap-lifted from a 'creating keepsakes' magazine, and once again i used some stamps that haven't been used. A mixture of Kaiser stamps & inque boutique stamps. Arn't little shoes just so adorable!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello scrappers :)

Yes it is that very exciting time of the year. Time to think about our retreat and act upon securing YOUR seat at our next getaway in March 2009.

March 13-15 2009 at the Lions Hostel at North Shields (same venue as 2008)
Price - $120 (includes accommodation, nibbles, and 5 meals)
Deposit - $50 - NON REFUNDABLE
5 scrap shops under one roof!!!!!
freebies, goodies and give aways
at least 4 separate scrap workshops *

will be open from the 22nd of September through to end of business Friday 10th of October FOR ALL WEEKENDERS ONLY.

To register and confirm your position you will need to contact Tiff Firth via email katmfirth@bigpond.com .

You will then be given instructions on how to secure your spot by full payment of $120 (preferred) or a deposit of $50. At the very minimum, your deposit of $50 is required by the 10th of October.

If you have not paid by this time, your name will be removed from our list and your position is forfeited.

Please note that full payment of $120 is preferred.


If planning to pay by direct deposit please allow for the 24 hour bank transfer delay.
Please note that school holidays fall during this registration period - so do not put this off as you may forget/ go on holidays / go mad.


Don't forget to stay up to date with the latest news from the escape team on the blog http://escape2create.blogspot.com/

We hope to hear from you soon!

Sue, Meredith, Tiff, Val and Amanda

* please note classes and kits are not included in price this year. These will be extra. More details on what exciting projects we have to share with you, photo requirements, teachers, sneak peeks of the classes on offer and registration will be sent to you in an email in November.


what a amazing response.
there are only 10 spots left.
Make up your mind now or you WILL miss out.
r u coming to the Retreat.
then email Tiff to reserve your seat.


thank you
get set.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

on your marks.....

get ready,

Challenge 17

Since we have had a few changes around here and there is something exciting in the wind (hint hint) i thought for this challenge we could do 'something new'.

Sooooooooo you can do a page on anything - any subject at all, but you must use something on your page that you haven't used before - something that may have been in your stash for a while waiting to be used or something that is brand new. Think stamps, flowers, an alpha set that hasn't been used, some papers that have been waiting to be used...............

For the digi girls you might have a new font you would like to try, new brushes, kits, elements or actions.

PS. please let us know what you are thinking about our new blog look! I like how clean and fresh it looks......hmmmmmmmmmm escape 2009........must mean something is going to happen soon!!? ;-)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Maryanne's mag stash

Its not quite my wardrobe, but it is my little cupboard in my room which houses a lot of my crap, and I did clean it out yesterday before I took photos![and did get rid of some junk too].Was lazy and did a digital, mind you still have scrap crap all over the floor, as Im having a clean out there too.

wow. i love this. love the cupboard esp. is it really blue glass. that is just gorgeous. and of course perfect place to hide the indulgences (choccies I mean).
what a fabo digi. well done

Karen's dining erm scrap space.

Karen says: Geez it seems to take me ages to get organized ATM. Here is my scrap space, also doubles up as our dinning table!! Often it all just gets pushed up to one end and we eat around it.
And the other pic is my "storage system". Ahem, not much of a system I must say. I would love a room inside to claim for my own, I could have the room off the garage. But it is cold in winter, stinking in summer, the light is really bad, dirty and dusty and it is away from everyone. I will continue to dream.....

thanks for sharing Karen. Did u wash the floorboard esp for the shots? they are so shiny!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I can feel a rumbling in the paddocks

... something is on its way.

thank goodness

Sandra says : I am not completely happy with this one and would love to ask all the girls how it could be improved.... Open Slather... I have got thick skin!. Can't put my finger on it... more embellishments? not balanced?? I would be interested in the feed back!
by the way.... Love the new look blog.. I have to get used to the white.. very fresh!

how about some red straight stitch around the photo block or red buttons for a little splash of colour. erm i'm a bit partial to red atm on Sean's stuff so I looking with one eye.

Thank goodness SOMEONE has done the challenge. Was wondering if u all felt it too personal. Think out of the box. Does hubby have a wardrobe to store stuff in the shed, do u had a wardrobe (cupboard) to store your stash, a wardrobe some where else than in the bedroom. how about the linen closet.

edited by Tiff to include a tweaked version

tweaked it a bit... what do you reckon...work in progress. I am going to see what other people think, try to use all their ideas and see what the end product looks like ;)
couldn't do the red stitching.. haven't got any in my digital stash!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sue's Scrap Space

And here is my scrap space - thanks to my cabinet maker son - i have a beaut little nook that is just all mine!!

Bench top with with 3 work stations, one for computer, then scanner, spare work space, then mine at the end by the window. Above -head box shelves - just varnished MDF, serves the purpose perfectly!

Looks like mayhem, i know, but everything has it's special spot - well, usually!! And if nothing else, i can sit and gaze out the window at the beautiful view!! ...and be inspired :)

Sue's Mini album

Sorry I haven't been very active on the blog lately...it's not that i haven't been scrapping, i have, but just working away at a couple mini albums....which neither is finished yet. But i am gonna give you a sneak peek at my Cairns album.....which i am loving, the colours and the memories of our recent trip up north. My other album is for a special someone for a special occasion.....stay tuned i will show n tell at a later date.
Hope you all enjoy....

Each double page covers a day of our holiday. And i have added tags behind one of the main photos to record the highlights of the day, and on the back of the tags is either a map, or entry tickets or some memorabilia of the day.

I have added lift up flap pages, using ribbon as hinges, so i can add more photos on those wonderful busy days!My photo of the train ride at Kuranda wasn't that good, as we were at the back of the train, so i scanned a photo from a tourist brochure, printed it out, and zappo - the memory is still captured...just how it was.

Just 3 more days to finish.:)

Monday, September 15, 2008

*sniff sniff*

Can you smell it?

A change is in the air..........and i am not talking about weather.

Stay tuned ;-)

skeleton's out

had a bit of fun with this one.
This is Annie's wardrobe. to get it all in (sort of) i took 3 shots and 'stitched' them together. Then i cropped it into a panoramic.... ie twice as tall as wide, so this is 30cm long and 15cm wide. Ish!!

I put the cropped photo onto a A4 size document in PS and fiddled with some brushes. Used the eye dropper tool to grab the pink off the bag in the bottom of the wardrobe for the text colour and 'justified' all my text (like columns in the newspapers). Flattened the layers. Open a new document in PS, 30com x 30cm. Moved the flattened LO onto the blank document and moved it around to where I wanted it.

A3 printers are so wonderful. Gives u the chance to create anything onto anything up to A3+. If u ever get the chance to get one, DO IT. Cant say enough about the freedom of it.

Printed a draft grey scale onto A3 paper to make sure everything is as it should be. Used this as my template and attached my white bazzil on it, re fed it into the printer and printed a colour copy, this time onto the bazzil. Still set up the printer for photo quality.

Had some clothing labels that were perfect for this one (think about what tags are on the new clothes and how u can use them before u chuck them in the bin.). used some heidi swapp rubons for the title and the good ol dymo with the changable font wheels. (love em)

And of course a butterfly. (my signature)

ta da.

Friday, September 12, 2008

hybrid help (PS)

check out these VERY helpful links on hybrid scrapping from Ali Edwards. Easy instructions to follow for beautiful resutls
well worth printing each of the tips out and keeping for your reference.

these tips are for photoshop. you can apply the same principles to nearly any photo editing program.
Those chicks new to PhotoShop go for it. I would love to see what u can do.

jenny's lifted

edited 16.9.08 to add the card that Jenny lifted for this challenge.

lovely lovely lovely. embossed papers are in atm. and all our favourtie colours too. no way could u go wrong with this one. just loving bg.

Lisa's Room.

Pics of my scrapspace for the blog.
I am very grateful that I have this space - I really need to have my own area and there is so much stuff stored in here too - not just crafty things.
I would like to say that it doesn't always look this messy - but...........mmmm, yes it does!! LOL - I do tidy every now and then when I can't find things! The cupboard doors are always open cos there is usually piles of stuff in front of them waiting to be put away. Hey, it works for me!! LOL.
The girls are pretty good - and I do make sure there is nothing dangerous on the floor or within Halle's reach. Halle does have her own keyboard, but would much prefer to play with mine.
Above the desk is 2 shelves - my printers are there along with other stuff. Next to the chest of drawers is my old teenage desk (that my dad made for me), so I do have another desktop if anyone visits me to scrap.

I take that last comment to be a big hint lol
u have massive storage room. Lucky duck. can see why tubs wouldn't work for you.

Challenge 16

howdy. Your challenge for the week.
how many skeletons in your closet.

pick a wardrobe. (Doesn't have to be yours)

open the doors

hold your breath and REFRAIN from touching anything

shoot it (try different angles ie get on a ladder/bed or look up from floor level)

print it (gotta be in colour) BW would be just tooo easy now wouldn't it.

scrap it.

email it to Tiff or Amanda

we'll post it

Sandra's answer to Amanda's challenge

I love it. LOVE the cluster of embellis in the right corner. Esp the fanned (?) PP and the foled lace. Great balance.
Isnt the photo just awwwww.....just goes to show that G does have a soft spot in him..... just don't tell him (LOL)

Sandra's spot to scrap in

this is Sandra's current space of creativity. Scrapping only gets done when the dining table is not in use for each meal...... no wonder digi is the way to go for you atm, but.......

This is the potential creative space. LOTS of shelving all round for embellies and displays, southern window, heaps of potential. I have seen it IRL. cant wait to see it coverted in Sandra's Sacred Spot.
ps there is also a lock on the door.
She says......
and the other photo is of the room (outside!!) that I hope will be my scrapping room soon!.. just need to work out how to approach the subject with Garry!!! lol should be fine.


Here is Maryannes page for the card challenge. This looks fantastic Maryanne - the card you picked to lift from is awesome!!!! and love the boots lined up in both yours and the original. The odometer stamp? on your page is perfect!

LOL at your colour choice. I would wish your boys good luck but I am in a bit of a tricky situation LOL.........let's just say - i hope it is a great game with no injuries!

Check out Tracey's space

Attached is a photo of my scraproom. Frightfully tidy at the moment as I have completed the three mini albums that were clogging up my space. I also haven't scrapped anything for a while, hence its tidiness - very abnormal!! On the other side of the room is a two door cupboard, rocking chair and a magazine stand. I am one lucky chic to have this space but at this stage in my life it is not used to its potential at all - this must change!!
Wow Traey. You even have a window. U can swing a cat in there. Looks like a kids free, my sacred space. Lucky you.